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About ProDemand® and ShopKey®Pro

Repair vehicles faster with complete OEM information & real-world Fixes - delivered in a single lookup.
  • No cost to switch to the new product.
  • Smarter code, component & symptom searches with 1Search
  • Diagnostic tools and Real Fixes, powered by SureTrack®
  • Works in the latest Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers

Use ProDemand or ShopKey Pro With Your Existing Login

ProDemand and ShopKey Pro are now available to all and subscribers using your existing username and password. You no longer need to request an upgrade. It's now easier than ever to start using the new product. Just click the appropriate link below to give the new product a try.

Click here to log into ProDemand. Click here to log into ShopKey Pro.

Want to know more about ProDemand or ShopKey Pro?

Join us at one of our training workshops where we show you how the new product works. Workshops are held each week at varying times. You only need to attend one 45 minute session to learn the basics of using the program. There is also a question and answer session at the end to help you with anything else you need to know. Click the appropriate link below to visit our training site and to sign up for a workshop.

Informative ShopConnection blog posts about the new product:


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SureTrack adds to the power of ProDemand and ShopKey Pro with an exclusive combination of expert knowledge and detailed parts replacement records, all wrapped in an interactive community. Designed to help automotive shops increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to completed repair, the industry's most comprehensive repair information resource is just a few clicks away.

Key Advantages of the SureTrack Community

  • Notification system lets you know when someone has replied to your question.
  • Easy to find your own content.
  • Follow posts and get notified when replies are made.
  • Key additional data provided when you search for tips and fixes.
  • Ever growing collection of waveform and PID graphs, upload your own too.
  • All users who participate must set up a profile. No more anonymous posts.
  • Your profile can travel with you if you change shops.
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Reserve Your SureTrack® Username Now

Click here for more information on SureTrack.

Since SureTrack is a tool for the individual tech, you will need a separate username and password in order to ask questions, share tips or upload content. It is very easy to set up your SureTrack user account by just launching SureTrack from ProDemand or ShopKey Pro and then clicking the Create Account link at the top of the SureTrack screen. Remember that you can use your existing OnDemand5 or ShopKey5 login to access the new repair programs.

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