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Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle: High Exhaust System Temperature Lamp When a Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration process begins, the High Exhaust System Temperature HEST lamp illuminates and [...]


Getting Ready for SuperTech 2014!

Getting Ready for SuperTech 2014! 10th Anniversary of the ATA’s National Technician Skills Competition As we get closer to the fall, Mitchell 1 and heavy-duty [...]

High voltage_featured

Hino High Voltage!

Hino High Voltage! Need to service a Hino hybrid? Some special care is needed. The battery used in the Hino 195h COE consists of 40 modules [...]


Cabin Air Filters Help You Breathe Easy

Cabin Air Filters Help You Breathe Easy Work trucks are often exposed to extremely dusty operating conditions. However, owners of newer trucks may have noticed [...]


Picking the Right Oil for Natural Gas Engines

Picking the Right Oil for Natural Gas Engines Did you know that natural gas engines require oils with different properties than diesel engine oil? Using diesel [...]


Greenhouse Gas Regulation: Shared Responsibility

Greenhouse Gas Regulation: Shared Responsibility Truck manufactures and owners share a dual responsibility for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Regulation compliance. According to paragraph (a) of 1037.601 [...]


All Puffed Up!

Are Your Tires All Puffed Up? Having the correct tire inflation can be a tricky business. Overinflating a tire dramatically reduces its contact patch. Under [...]


What’s Your Oil Temperature?

What’s Your Oil Temperature? Once an engine overheats, piston and lubricating oil temperatures also increase which leads to an increase in engine oil breakdown as well [...]


Print the Spec Tables You Need

Tractor-Trailer.net or Medium-Truck.net How to Print the Spec Tables You Need Sometimes, all you really need to complete a job are the specifications. However, trying to remember [...]


What’s an “N” Engine?

What’s an “N” Engine? At the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this past March, Navistar announced that their new engines equipped with DPF and SCR [...]

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