SureTrack Real Fix of the Day – No Start, No Crank and the Battery is Fully Charged!?!

          Real Fixes from Mitchell 1′s new SureTrack™ expert information resource are documented issues from actual shop repair orders. Read on to see how SureTrack can help you correct issues that are not easily diagnosed using OEM information alone. SureTrack is currently available as a special free preview in our ProDemand product.

          SureTrack Real Fix of the Day – No Start, No Crank and the Battery is Fully Charged!?!

          Have you ever had a vehicle that would not start, even though it had a fully charged battery? Vehicles with factory equipped anti-theft systems often display this behavior. Today’s Real Fix of the Day will keep you from pulling your hair out trying to chase a no start.

          1999, Buick Park Avenue (Base), 3.8


          B1009, B1327, B3055, No Start, Replaced Vehicle Theft Deterrent Module

          The customer states the vehicle will not start.

          Connected a scan tool and found codes: B1009 – Checksum Error; B1327 – Battery/Source Voltage Low, and B3055 – Key Not Present. Monitored the vehicle theft deterrent voltage on the scan tool and observed the voltage was less than the minimum specified value of 10 volts. Disconnected the vehicle theft deterrent module connector and used a multi-meter to measure the voltage at the harness connector terminal A. The measured voltage was within the specified range of 10-15 volts, which indicated the vehicle theft deterrent module was defective.

          Replaced the vehicle theft deterrent module, performed a road test and verified the vehicle operated properly. No fault codes returned.

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          Nick Taylor

          Nick Taylor is the Annotations and SureTrack Community Administrator and a Senior Technical Editor at Mitchell 1 with over 20 years of experience with electronic repair data systems. Nick previously worked in the automotive dismantling and engine rebuilding industries.