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As current subscribers to or you now have the opportunity to access ProDemand or ShopKeyPro in addition to your current repair information.
» FAQs
Who is eligible for ProDemand/ShopKey Pro?
All subscribers to or are welcome to upgrade their subscription to ProDemand or ShopKey Pro.

How much does the upgrade to ProDemand/ShopKey Pro cost?
The upgrade is no additional cost to your subscription.

When I upgrade my subscription, will I still have access to
Yes, when you upgrade your subscription, you will have access to both products – either or Pro.

Once I upgrade my subscription, what happens?
The order is logged into our system. It may take a business day to process your order and update the subscription. Once the subscription has been updated, you will receive an email.

Will my invoice change?
Yes. Any line items on your invoice related to the old products, will be replaced with a line item for the new product.

Do I need a new username/password?
No. Your existing username/password works with ProDemand/ShopKey Pro.

If I have any issues, who do I contact?
If you do not receive an email within a couple days of your request, you should call into our customer service center, 888-724-6742.

» Requirements
High Speed Internet Connection
1024x768 Resolution Monitor (minimum resolution highly recommended)
One of the following Web Browsers:
    • IE8 or above***
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
***Note: IE6 and IE7 are not supported. With IE8, you will be required to install an SVG viewer. Starting with IE9, no additional add-ons required.
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